A Program That’s Right For You

Small Fish Business coaching in Sydney can provide you with all the help you could want. However, you need to decide what kind of help you need or desire. There are multiple programs available for different types of businesses. It is up to you to choose what will help you the most.
The Full Program will benefit the corporations and organisations which have planted themselves all over the state, if not the country. A business which can apply for the Full Program offered by business consultants in Melbourne needs to have a few requirements. Steady and consistent revenue of over one million dollars or a staff count of over five personnel will suffice. This program is more intensive than you may have thought possible. It will drive you, it will push you, it will force you to think. In fact, you won’t have time to wonder where the time went. The four half-day workshops are just the beginning. Once the program is in full swing, you will need to stay focussed. It will be tougher than any university course. The weekly coaching will cost a lot, though. You are expected to pay $2500 a month, plus GST. That means you need to be committed to the program and what it entails.

You won’t always need — or be able to afford — the full program, though. Your business may qualify but your time and money may be limited. Small Fish Business coaching in Sydney has you covered. The Half Program can be just as effective. A smaller, simpler business can benefit from what this program has to offer. If you have experienced the full program and want to upgrade, you can get a feel for the half program. For starters, it will be at half the speed. That way, you can take things a little slower while expecting slower results. There are only two half-day workshops instead of four, so you can balance your schedule and life much easier than before. The fortnightly coaching schedule helps in that regard. $1500, plus GST, may still seem like a steep price, though. It is up to you and your level of commitment.

You may not even have a team of employees in your business. It could be just you and a friend or you and a family member. In that case, the Micro Program is for you. Business consultant devised this program for those who feel like they can’t compete with those around them. Of course, the program is several notches below even the Half Program. For starters, the focus will only be on specific areas. It won’t be a full on itinerary of topics. You also get a choice of either half day workshops or two two-hour workshops. The price, however, is much more manageable. $750 plus GST shouldn’t set you back as much as the other programs.