Mental Health: An Ignored Health Dimension

Anxiety is neither age nor gender specific. Even a child can be a victim of stranger anxiety when exposed to unfamiliar individuals or environments. National Institute of Mental Health, U.S. that around 18% of the individuals is affected by this disorder in a specific year. It also found that women are exposed to more than 60% risks than men over their lifestyle. Even teenagers have not been spared by this disorder and it found 8% teens effected by this. Check out this great site to get more knowledge.


It is advised to consult a doctor in case of continuous anxiety and stress conditions. It can be determined whether the problem is an anxiety disorder or a physical problem. Some individuals may be a victim of a combination of anxiety disorders and thus doctor’s advice becomes critical here. The treatment method adopted may depend person to person based on the nature of the problem and his/her preferences. Medication and psychotherapy are the most common treatment methods available for such treatments. For taking medication, the side effects of the drugs taken should be known through the doctor and the duration of the drug intake need to be asked as well. It should also be kept in mind that most medications work efficiently only if they are taken on a regular basis. Psychotherapy is an interaction with a mental health professional in the form of an anxiety counselling. It is a field specialized by psychiatrist and psychologists.

Types of Anxieties

Existential: It is a type of anxiety which questions the very existence of a person and other queries relating to the way things really are and the way they work. Though there is no exact definition for the same, it is not considered as a disorder.

Test and performance: It is a result of the pressure on an individual which challenges his capabilities and puts him through various tests. In such situations a person goes through extreme stress conditions and is put in discomfort which is a great hindrance in his ability to perform.

Stranger anxiety: Common in children, this anxiety is a form of distress where an individual is put through an entirely different environment with unfamiliar people.

Social anxiety: This type of anxiety arises from the pressure of being evaluated or compared with other members of a society or an organization. It encompasses the feeling of embarrassment, criticism and rejection.

Choice or decision: The anxieties which arise out of the sheer complexity in decision making or choosing between similar options have been an increasing problem for the individuals today. It is driven by the uncertainty factor which might pose a direct loss to the individual.

Psychiatric: It is a combination of mental disorders which is characterized by the worries relating to the upcoming events. It leads to physiological changes in the body like shakiness or quick heart beats.